Chiropractic and Physical Therapy Billing

Common Chiropractic and Physical Therapy Billing Issues

Accounts Receivable

Pursuing accounts receivable is perhaps one of the most significant issues encountered in a Chiropractic and Physical Therapist office. Even a competent staff very often cannot follow through with all of the insurance claims.

Limited Time to Process Claims

Most office managers cannot effectively assist patients, complete bookkeeping tasks and answer billing inquiries while processing insurance billing as well.

Sole Responsibility for Billing

Often, the responsibility of insurance billing is left to one individual, who is busy with other tasks; with increasing potential for mistakes. Additionally, should an office manager be absent, all billing activities are likely to cease, severely reducing the cash flow.

Errors That Can Cost You Business

Mistakes on patient ledgers can cost a practice business, as billing errors, resulting from disorganized practices, frequently leave a negative impression on patients, and they may decide to seek care from other sources.

Are Billing Issues Impacting Your Bottom Line?

Are You Consistently Dealing With Delinquencies? On Time Bill Payments From Patients?

Have you been contemplating over changing your Billing staff?

We help Chiropractors and Physical Therapists get the lowest rates and provide the following all-inclusive services at modest prices.

Step 1: FREE Practice Management Software

Our process begins by connecting to your billing software. We can work with whatever software you are using. If you don’t have billing software, we provide you with a FREE web based Practice Management System (PMS).

Step 2: Access to Your Data

We securely access your practice’s account. This means that we are able to correctly adjust patient ledgers and send out insurance claims within just 24 hours.

Step 3: Begin Your Collections

Once we have established the framework for the billing services, we will then start our team of billers on your accounts receivable and insurance claims. Our billing services include securing any missing patient information while sending required information to reduce the likelihood of rejected claims.

Step 4: Regular Reports

We will keep you informed every step of the way. Our billing services include regular reporting that is delivered via email, allowing us to track production and collections including:

• The number of insurance billing claims sent daily.
• The number of billing claims appealed daily.
• The number of corrected claim errors.
• Accounts receivable and monthly collection totals, among other reported numbers.

Data & Charge Entry - If you have a PM system, we work with it; if you don’t, we get you one at no cost. We also can work with paper Superbills. We maintain the patient database, demographics, insurance and visit information, and post all charges.

·Claims Submission - Electronically, daily, within 24 hours of services, or on paper if needed, 97%+ first claim payment rate. We handle all insurance questions and calls.

·Payment Review and Posting - Recording of EOB.

·Secondary Insurance Claims - Submitted when applicable.

·Patient Statements and Customer Service - We generate patient statements and receive patient calls about their bills.

·A/R Follow up - We handle all communications with insurance companies regarding unpaid charges.

·Denial and Appeals Management - We review and correct all claims before re submission, and file appeals for denials.

·Assigned Representative - We assign a service representative to your account. You will receive the personal and cohesive attention your practice needs to operate efficiently.

·Reports - Monthly and year to date reports including A/R aging.

·Training - At no additional charge.

·Insurance Eligibility Verification**

·Insurance Credentialing** - We can process all your credentialing/enrollment applications. 

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We can get you 4% of the insurance collections*

Plus, No set up fee.

No long term contracts and guaranteed results. Cancel anytime.

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